Social Innovations for the Elderly Living in Rural Areas – European Experiences. Report for the Polish Ministry of Agriculture published.

PCG’s Health team in Poland finalized their international research work for the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the form of a report on “Social innovations aimed at ensuring social security for the elderly in rural areas in selected European countries.”

The 130-page-long document presents a selection of social innovations implemented in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Spain. The 31 case studies, selected with 10 criteria, comprise projects related to active aging and comprehensive long-term care. The document is a summary of available senior policy instruments in the selected countries and an analysis of their effectiveness in ensuring social security for the elderly in rural areas. The goal of this project was to identify innovative activities with high potential for implementation in the Polish conditions. Its practical dimension is to support the government administration, local authorities, non-profit sector, and other interested parties in generating new solutions for active aging in the countryside.

przegląd innowacji społecznych na rzecz osób starszych

The report (in Polish) is available on the Ministry’s website.