Expertise on the housing needs and preferences of the elderly

PCG Health and Human Services team recently co-authored a Report on the senior housing needs in Poland. The research and data analysis was commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction and conducted by a partnership of: Polish Institute of the Silver Economy, LAB60+ Foundation, PCG Polska and Centrum AMRON.


The primary and secondary research was used by the Ministry to work on adapting the Long-Term Senior Policy Guidelines for 2014-2020 to the current demographic trends in the area 2.3. Space and place of residence.


The scope of the expertise included the following components:

  • Analysis of the general housing situation of older people
  • Analysis of spatial issues of senior housing
  • Analysis of the needs and preferences of seniors regarding their place of residence and their economic situation (CAWI, PAPI, IDI)
  • Analysis of foreign senior policies
  • Discussion of good practices shaping the living environment for the elderly and the implementation of senior housing
  • Conclusions and recommendations

To summarize the project, a meeting of the partnership representatives with the directorate of the Department of Housing in the Ministry took place. It was a chance to discuss the most important findings of the conducted research and the proposals for further cooperation focused on developing the concept of "age-following apartments."